Published On: February 12, 2022

25 thoughts on “Episode 1-3

  1. Sin is a fucking genius

    1. LOL! He’d love to hear that

    2. UMM

      1. Lmao , some may…challenge that XD

  2. ⭐️Treck⭐️

    LooooL that last panel, (・ω<)

    1. Haha these two got this down to a science

  3. LMAO! These characters are funny

    1. Glad you think so 🙂

  4. Yasha’s power is so cool!!!

    1. Wooh glad you think so 😀 . She’ll be doing some crazy stuff with it in the future 🙂

  5. 😆😆 Yeah that went well.

    Wait OKAY OKAY…I think I understand her power now, before I wasn’t sure. So she TANKS anything and uses that power herself? I probably didn’t word that very well 😆😆

    1. It definitely did go well XD. Yeah you got it exactly! She tanks power/energy and stores it (up to a limit) and pushes it back out at will :). We’ll get into it later but she actually can increase how much energy she can tank just by pushing herself in more demanding situations!

  6. I LOVE this webtoon 💕 . I could see it being a funny shonen tv show. Does it have an update schedule? Also…how old are the MCs?

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m glad to hear :DD . This has changed a few times but right now Sin is 16, Yasha is definitely at least a year or two older than Sin since she came to the island as a toddler when Sin was a baby. So i’d say she’s 17-18 =) . Sin’s Dad is like 41. And for the upload schedule question, yup! Not at the moment but soon! Not to toot my own horn but I’ve gotten very fast at making a strip about this length, (after years of experimenting with shortcuts LOL). it takes a few hours at most. the only problem is my procrastination and other commitments xD. But when I get on a roll i’ll have a schedule 🙂

  7. Yeah that did absolutely nothing pfft

  8. So they’re brother and sister? Yasha just seems like a cool cat. And Sin is a total nut job XD. AHAHA that last panel

    1. They kinda of are haha, not biological but they’ve grown up together and sure act like it!

  9. He didn’t even let her speak 😭. 😭.. Poor girl just wants to nap

    1. Poor Yasha! She’ll begrudgingly put off her nap if the request is reasonable and unselfish..but otherwise DON’T mess with her naps XD

  10. damn yasha’s a cutie 😩

  11. Okay that was hilarious LOL. Also the backdrop illustrations in this are gorgeous !

  12. Loving this

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