Published On: March 13, 2023

14 thoughts on “Episode 3-2

  1. Birthday shenanigans!

    Quick Update
    I’ve gotten very fast lately at making panels! Next page coming in a day or so :). I’m really excited to show what’s coming in this episode. It will both get quite action-y as well as learning lots about the chars >:D. See you soon!

    Thanks for reading. See ya soon!

  2. His fanclub’s actual names are numbers or are they nicknames? I have to admit, I assumed “Three” was a guy 😂

    1. Yeah those two have an interesting history with Sin! Been following him around since they were little. Yasha doesn’t like that they feed his already giant ego XD

      Her real name’s Cadavru but she likes her nickname, fun fact she’s originally from a tribe that are known that are rumored to be “undead”

  3. The anime faces are so funny. 💀 “I ate it”

    1. My favorite ones here are the super eye close lol!

  4. Sin is so stupid lmao

    1. How has he survived his long? xD

  5. professionalbookworm

    I think Yasha is a strong personality who’s very nice and doting of her sister and might feel very conflicted that she wants to leave =(

    1. That’s a really interesting point! We’ll see more of that conflict here soon


    LOL, cracked up at how touchy sin is

    1. He’s a funny guy lol.

  7. Yasha’s sass is life . I forgot the background chars existed but they seem nice

    1. Agreed xD. She can be very nice too depends on the person but she does not shy away from sass lol

  8. OMG! since when did i make it to the most recent chapter 👋😭💔

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