Published On: December 24, 2023

10 thoughts on “Episode 4-6

  1. YOSH this is back! I love the saturday morning cartoon vibes. I hope Yasha can save the chief!!!!

  2. Larissa Nunez-Hill

    Papaya..cute 😁

  3. of course you have to threaten her to force her to be a pirate recruit. Noooo she killed the chief

  4. ☆STAR▪︎CAT☆

    SO GOOD!!!!!😻

  5. Go Yasha.

  6. Her: You’re going to my captain and you’re going to like it kid. Everyone else: WHAT THE **** ARE YOU SAYING!!?

  7. ⭐️Treck⭐️

    ….squashed like a bug :((

  8. I’m not a fan of public speaking either Mrs. Evil pirate. Give me a few beers and I’m a chatterbox though!

  9. That thing is COOL looking

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