Published On: March 23, 2023

22 thoughts on “Episode 3-3

  1. Sad Yasha…and Spontaneous meat.

    Thanks for reading. See ya soon!

  2. Poor Yasha. she looks sad 🙁

    1. She’s a bit bummed out for sure!

  3. I was about to ask the same thing about the mean L-O-L

    1. He has magic cartoon powers XD

  4. Damn, so she has some kind of PTSD? Is that purple thing in the background an animal?

    1. Great point, this story definitely explores trauma but in this case it’s a bit of that but mostly something else! She’s not necessarily afraid or scarred into not leaving the island, can’t wait to show yall more :D.

      Great question! We’ll see soon, it’s actually not an animal lol

  5. professionalbookworm

    I absolutely hate people touching me too. Can’t blame her! Its understandable that she doesn’t want to leave the island but I wonder what happened 12 years ago.

    1. Definitely not fun dealing with people with no boundaries haha.

      We’ll see soon 😀


  7. Helloo I follow your comic on comic fury ^_^ . Is the “Redux” version different from the one you have on comic fury? I like this quirky island team.

    1. Hello!! Hey so cool that you found this site from CF 😀 thanks for checking it out!

      Yeah the redos at first were just going to be an art update for consistency, but I’ve added some stuff!

      I’ve added a few island shenanigans and character building for Yasha/Sin/Lalo, that’s Episode 1 and 2, but at the same time if you’ve read the original version, the additional content is not stuff that NEEDS to be read, because it will be revisited and alluded too in more depth later in the story.

      In a few pages actually we’re going to be entering stuff that’s pretty much the same as the original pages. The last half of episode 3 is either 1 to 1 or abbreviated version of what I deleted off comic fury.

      Don’t really expect most people who’ve already seen the first version to reread this version, since they already know the story, but it’ll be there on comic fury soon for those that do (maybe to see the new stuff)!

      It doubles as a shiny new coat for the new readers on that site and other sites that I eventually put it on 🙂

      So tl;dr it’s gonna be mostly the same except for updated art, and a lot of added stuff that will be expanded on later in the story!! Thanks so much for reading Pika 😀

  8. SIN you’re an asshole. 😠 😠

    1. XD He is a gremlin, he has a good heart tho..somewhere…maybe

  9. One thing I notice you do well is character banter. They feel so real and yet there’s levity and humor as well. I can’t help but like all of them despite their flaws.

    1. Thank you so much!! That means a lot, yeah I love flawed/snarky characters who have a lot going on with them underneath. I love the humor too, tbh if I finish this story, I can say it would be hella depressing at times without the levity moments that might be why I do that XD.

  10. their dynamic 😂. Yasha is kind of the group anchor and straight woman, a fiery red head who cares. Sin is a scheming guy you can’t help but like for his boldness. And Lalo is just a cutie pie <3

    1. I’m really glad you guys like them :D. Yasha is for sure like one of the people like everyone on the island respects cause she helps out so much, and she is indeed fiery xD. Kind of like the group mom.

      Sin is definitely a gremlin, but you gotta like his confidence, he’s brave for being so straightforward with Yasha tbh lmao. Lalo is indeed the cute one 🙂

  11. Sin the little master manipulator. I guess he doesn’t know Yasha as well as he thinks 😛 . He’s funny tho I like him.

    1. He is always up to something XD. True, I get Yasha there I def don’t like attempts at being “mind read” and being baited into something based on your perceived interests, probably why I absolutely can’t stand those little personalized ads lmao! (well who likes ads tbh XD)

      But I guess you can respect Sin for at least being up front about his master plan eventually lol. I do like him too, he and Yasha will change and reveal a lot of themselves through this story 😀

  12. she’s so mean bruh😭

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