Published On: March 18, 2024

30 thoughts on “Episode 4-12

  1. That last picture. Nightmare fuel 😢

    1. She’s so creepy but also like super cool looking haha.

  2. GIRLFRIENDS 😻I think Quinna is just as much of a victim of Circus but what should Yasha do in the situation?

    1. They’re acting shy but they might as well be haha.

      Yeah, this is such a bind. Yasha’s someone who believes you always have a choice, in most matters at least!

  3. Yes she has a sugar coated exterior but the Pirate Queen is pure evil

  4. ⭐️Treck⭐️

    o-oh..i feel kinda bad for quina

    1. Right? I sure envy her life now

  5. Larissa Nunez-Hill

    That face from Sin 😁

  6. His face is crazy LMAO

    1. Ego so validated he turned real for a panel

  7. Now I’m not going to sleep, not knowing exactly what Sin is cooking there. This is an interesting subversion, or at least I didn’t expect Quinna to be so fair here. It makes sense, why would she just go villain mode and kill everyone when she can just use the threat of that to leverage Yasha’s compliance? If Circus really is the strongest being in the world, Yasha’s confidence is truly legendary. That or she just has no idea what the hell is coming for her…

    1. Heh, Sin’s cooking something that’s for sure. Yeah! Yasha doesn’t really even like fighting that much, she would rather sleep. She just locks in 100% when her friends are in danger. And yeah Quinna is definitely going the diplomatic route here!

  8. Circus is a demon bro 😭

    1. She is very messed up.

  9. yasha has everyone after her 🦌

    1. Aw yeah! She’s super popular

  10. ☆STAR▪︎CAT☆

    Well at least Yasha is trying to listen!

    1. Very true! Better than what she did to Quinna last time haha

  11. Sin’s fuckin face was me after taco bell the other day

  12. Yasha’s temper is truly fire and fury. It’s understandable, but good thing she has Nia there to balance it out with attempt at diplomacy. Hmmm Quinna is a more and more complex character episode by episode. And Circus gets more and more demonic!

    1. Yasha always seems to attract lots of people that want to give a helping hand 🙂

  13. Disgusting! I hate people like that they have too much power and thinking they can do anything 😧

  14. Small theory, Quinna is a victim of Circus too and this same thing happened to her 😬

    1. That’s a great theory!

  15. Also Sin is so funny LOL

  16. Circus sounds like she’s stronger than Quinna. They’re lucky they’re dealing with Quinna for now, they have a better chance of beating her

    1. Oh yeah, Circus is pretty terrifying. Yeah, Quinna is interesting, she is much more civil than Circus, though she is still a pirate and has been for a while now! When she’s desperate she gets very pesimisstic about impeding outcomes and will do some crazy stuff.

      I can’t wait to show y’all the next pages this back and forth’ll get real crazy turn lol

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