Published On: December 29, 2023

27 thoughts on “Episode 4-8

  1. ☆STAR▪︎CAT☆


    1. Wooh! I’m so glad you think so 😀

  2. Marky Ikawparinanghanap Ngpusongligaw

    yasha is a beating her down bro 😭 the last panels have me weak 💀

    1. Lool such a heavy beatdown, almost feel sorry for this new antagonist haha

  3. Not only does she look like Yasha, but she has her power too? Could they be related? Assuming powers work that way, I don’t know. The battle graphics and frames work very well here, I’m on the edge of my seat!

    1. That’s a great guess Henson, I always love your analysis :D. And yeah that’s totally reasonable to assume really, that is how it works in a lot of fictional power system cases I think My Hero Academia powers are genetic.

      All I can say is though that both your questions will be answered eventually 🙂

  4. She just doesn’t give af

    1. Yasha suffers no fools haha

  5. you got fangirls lol. Sin you fucking dumbass

    1. Despite her personality being admittedly more prickly at times as she’s gotten older, most of the islanders love her, and as seen here some of them are die hard fans XD

  6. Yes! Keep it up! Don’t fall for her deal

  7. yasha is so violent 🤣🤣🤣

    1. That’s her other nickname lol

  8. I think she’s winning!!!! Yasha’s embarrassment in the middle of the fight is cute.

    1. She can’t hide it, besides her drive to help people, she does just straight up like positive attention! a lot of what she does is to get more of it!

      Especially from girls XD

  9. The fourth wall break got me lol

    1. It’s Sin’s second power lol

  10. Yasha’s a badass! 🙌👏😊

  11. Eyepatch lady is related to Yasha maybe? Same power, same looks, can’t be a coincidence but that’s just a theory 🧠

    1. Very great point! Henson was saying the same thing, I can’t wait to show yall more 😀

  12. I also think Nia and Yasha’s bond is so cute <3

    1. Definitely :). Besides her crush she really does admire Nia for being the first one to help her slowly really find her place in the island culture! We’ll touch on more of their past soon but it actually took quite a while for Yasha to really be where she is today but that first step was crucial 😀

  13. bewbz :3

    1. hehehe! I’ll be honest I kinda scuffed Quinna’s anatomy here a bit , hopefully next pages are better haha.

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