Published On: September 10, 2023

24 thoughts on “Episode 4-3

  1. I’m in lesbians with you baby.

    Holy fucking shit that ending. Hype

    1. Hahaha, she’s head over heels!

      And I’m hyped to start this Invasion arc , hope yall enjoy 😀

  2. Aww Hero and Nia are so cute together <3 . OH NO!!! 😨😨😨

  3. Their kicks look super powerful even without ‘powers’. I wish I was that good at soccer. I wish I was that good at anything smh. Ohhhhh crap explosion!

    1. They’ve all been playing since they were real young haha! They’re all really good :D.

      It finally rears its ugly head, the trademark narrative conflict/incident D:

  4. Sir, you said the big event was at the end of the episode. DOES THIS NOT COUNT AS A BIG EVENT!? Or is this the shortest episode ever??

    We haven’t seen much of their relationship but each snippet and flashback is so cute. Nia’s the only character I don’t know what role she is going since you have added her for the redos.

    1. I changed my mind haha! I found a way to weave some important conversation Yasha has with some people to take place during Quinna’s invasion in a way I think feels organic :D. I also just really wanted to blow something up XDD. Tis time for Yasha to live up to her Hero moniker!

      I’m so glad you think so Alex! Yeah, I thought Nia could play an interesting role here in the First Island arc so I added her! hopefully it will make more sense before we head to Nusa.

      Also! If you or anyone who follows the latest Nusa pages wants to see this, here’s a lil spoiler about Nia 😀

      Click to reveal spoiler

      She’s currently alive and with the other surviving islanders in the rogue town island Runiper, the island where the Bakunawa headed before Quinna, Sin, and Yasha went to Nusa!

  5. I think Yasha is someone who’s gone through a lot of judgement and struggle when she was young and she’s attached herself to the only friend that was nice to her. Over the years she’s gotten stronger and more willed, maybe to the point where she comes across as harsh when she’s standing up to herself. And now the person who helped make her this way is moving away. That’s so sad.

    1. That’s such a great analysis Jessiker thank you for that. There’s actually a lot of truth to your theory there and yeah, Nia moving away would be devestating to Yasha.

      But now looks like something else is taking huge precedence!

  6. It just got real af

    1. Definitely did! I’m so hyped, it’s crazy that were getting to this part of the story. Hope yall enjoy 🙂

  7. anonyᵐᵉᵒʷˢ =(ⓛ ㅅ ⓛ)=

    Oh……Why do I feel like we hit a point of no return

    1. That’s a very accurate way to put it…

  8. WOW. I’m very invested in all these characters now, they’re so real, vibrant and likable. Just when you think it’s going well it all hits the proverbial fan. Such is life. I’m sure Yasha will find a way out of this 😫

  9. The lizards know all 😂.

    I knew it was coming but still I hope the island people can protect themselves!!!!!

  10. It looks like Yasha had a dramatic personality shift. It happens, but hers seems particularly dramatic. Can’t help but think there was something that happened to facility that ? Or if it was just a grandual change.

    The details in the village always take my breath away!

    1. That’s a very astute observation! I can say we’ll see more snippets of young silent/shy Yasha and her growth, during this arc and beyond 😀

      Thank you! I’m glad you think so :). I paint and draw some of it but Blender/Sketchup are very much godsend in timesavers. I mostly just have to do line work/fixing and coloring and composition stuff (once you make the complex model once at least haha)

  11. lol get shreked

    1. talking about the soccer game or the island LOL.

      sorry if this was supposed to be a reply to your other i can’t tell xD.

  12. noooo!!!😭🥺

  13. ❄️ lce Bear ❄️

    Hate when you lose your house, not fun.

    1. Not fun at all! And worse is a lot of the villagers share space with a lot of others and move around where they sleep. Very open community, so when one hut/building goes down it’s probably identified/familiar with most of the village.

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