Published On: April 25, 2022

16 thoughts on “Episode 2-1

  1. Hello guys!! So I finished the page, but it’s gonna be one day late. May 13th for sure :). I just won’t have time to upload the files but it’s done, see ya then!! Probably round the afternoon or such. Thanks for all the awesome comments! I gotta approve and reply to the rest soon, I very much appreciate the love!

  2. That is..really strange??? LIKE they just appeared on the beach one day? Sin is really funny and I like Yasha’s chill personality 😝

    1. Mysterious indeed! We’ll learn more about Yasha next scene 🙂 . I’m so glad you like them! Sin is def a funny dude, and Yasha is indeed pretty laid back…as long as you don’t anger her, then you should RUN XD

  3. Immenent___Threat

    I love this comic more and more with each episode 😌✋

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you think so can’t wait to show yall what’s coming 🙂

  4. CUTE BABY. Sin has a gigantic ego 😅

    1. Cute little Lalo! He definitely does LOL

  5. ⭐️Treck⭐️

    I like this village ❤️

  6. LOL when she was just sleeping

  7. Was their parents jerks and abandoned them on an island? Thats so SAD

  8. 😭😭😭 he’s like a crazy annoying little brother

  9. aah this comics backgrounds and artstyle are charming ✨

  10. Can Sin tame any animal?

  11. Aw Yasha’s little sister is cute and looks like she’s the reasonable one

  12. I’ve enjoyed this story, can’t wait for more!

  13. Love it

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