Published On: April 25, 2022

15 thoughts on “Episode 2-1

  1. Hello guys!! So I finished the page, but it’s gonna be one day late. May 13th for sure :). I just won’t have time to upload the files but it’s done, see ya then!! Probably round the afternoon or such. Thanks for all the awesome comments! I gotta approve and reply to the rest soon, I very much appreciate the love!

  2. That is..really strange??? LIKE they just appeared on the beach one day? Sin is really funny and I like Yasha’s chill personality 😝

    1. Mysterious indeed! We’ll learn more about Yasha next scene 🙂 . I’m so glad you like them! Sin is def a funny dude, and Yasha is indeed pretty laid back…as long as you don’t anger her, then you should RUN XD

  3. Immenent___Threat

    I love this comic more and more with each episode 😌✋

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you think so can’t wait to show yall what’s coming 🙂

  4. CUTE BABY. Sin has a gigantic ego 😅

    1. Cute little Lalo! He definitely does LOL

  5. ⭐️Treck⭐️

    I like this village ❤️

  6. LOL when she was just sleeping

  7. Was their parents jerks and abandoned them on an island? Thats so SAD

  8. 😭😭😭 he’s like a crazy annoying little brother

  9. aah this comics backgrounds and artstyle are charming ✨

  10. Can Sin tame any animal?

  11. Aw Yasha’s little sister is cute and looks like she’s the reasonable one

  12. I’ve enjoyed this story, can’t wait for more!

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