Published On: September 5, 2023

15 thoughts on “Episode 4-2

  1. You mad man. What is this random football game and when does it all go wrong? I’m enjoying the comfy vibes, as fleeting as they are.

    1. I wanted the first couple pages to be a fun football match, nothing suspicious I swear XD.

      I’m glad you enjoy it yo, nice to see you have a nice labor day 😀

  2. AWW so cute ❤️ COOOL animation

    1. I’m glad you like the animation! As I get better at making those look more cohesive I’ll add more, they’re very quick to add :D.

  3. I keep expecting those villains to show up AAAA it’s too chill they’re totally gonna crash this cute party 😭😭

    1. Hopefully not right? 😭 What I can say is next few pages we explore one more time Yasha’s conflicted feelings/insecurities with Nia, Lalo and island life in general.

      Then…big event…is all I’ll say. Probably near end of the episode. I think yall will like it 😀

  4. The little girl is funny. Losing does feel like dying inside sometimes.

  5. Ah young love.

    Outstanding sir. On the animation. On the art. On everything. Can’t wait for what’s next.

  6. She’s going to hurt someone 😂

  7. Its fucking over for them.

  8. Rick got wrecked hue heu heu

  9. It’s just a game lil girl lol 🤷‍♂️ . Yesss gays lol

  10. LOL I don’t know why her kicking his face was so funny

  11. Super fun read so far. I’m have an affinity for these quirky islanders hehehe

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