Published On: October 30, 2023

15 thoughts on “Episode 4-4

  1. So cute, they need to get married 😭😭

    1. D’aww they care for each other so much!

  2. Huh. What’s her idea. Is she going to slap the fire really hard or…

    1. Can’t wait to show ya here today or tomorrow 😀

  3. Yay! To the rescue. Go Hero! What has me even more on edge is the fact that no one knows who or what did this…..

    1. Wooh! Ah yeah, we’ll have that answer soon

  4. Yasha and her hormones lol. Ouch, not a recommended way to put out a fire

    1. She has the biggest crush on her lol. Now we see a part of where Yasha got her fearlessness haha

  5. burn baby burn

  6. ❄️ lce Bear ❄️


  7. Man the backgrounds are amazing

  8. if there’s a well maybe you can dig up the water source underneath? at this point just control the fire so it doesn’t spread!

  9. Aw cute misunderstanding 🥰

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