Published On: August 6, 2022

17 thoughts on “Episode 2-6

  1. Thanks for reading! See you soon for the next one.

  2. ✨DragonWolf07🌙

    Sin reminds me of that one pig head kid from Demon Slayer if he was a macho animal lover. Their sassiness is pretty funny lmfao. THE SUSPENSE? What did they tell him?

    1. Lol he was definitely inspired by that type of character haha. Yeah he has a soft spot for animals! This scene will also tie a bit into a flashback that’s coming soon.

      Yasha may not be as big into animals as Sin but she also protects most of the animals on the island too assuming they’re not food or trying to hurt someone lol.

  3. I don’t think Yasha were wrong for looking into a super loud sound in the night so sge don’t need to feel like an idiot. Uh, from the looks of it they were expecting something much worse tho 😳

    1. Oh yeah, there is actually a reason why she is so jumpy to that in particular but either way you are right, never know!

  4. “A second chance!” Does he never learn?

    1. Nah lol, but he’s gotten relatively better, there was a time he nearly killed everyone in the village.

  5. I always wanted to be able to talk to animals

    1. It’s a real cool power! I’d want Yasha’s power more even with it’s drawbacks but the taming and talking to animals thing is also really good 😀

  6. 🍄shroomies🍄

    I love how jerkish the characters are but they’re still likable idk lol


  8. They are so calm when looking at giant dragon monsters smacking a giant tentacle monster hehehe

  9. Yasha’s one of those bad girls. I’m not complaining

  10. I like yasha a lot

  11. their tense relationship is hilarious

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