Published On: June 19, 2023

25 thoughts on “Episode 3-7

  1. Ruh roh raggy!

    Thanks for reading!

  2. My god. This was a great episode so full of developments. Yasha and her little sister’s love for each other is awww inducing. I cracked up at least a few times, and then ending up in abject horror reaching that last panel. RIP Henry. Bellissima.

    1. Thanks so much!! I’m glad you think so, I’m very excited for the next page(s).

      And glad to hear you cracked up a few times xD. It’s fun with characters that are more self serious against these ridiculous ones haha.

      RIP Henry, or at least, it’s NOT looking good for him.

  3. OMG poor girl tripping up and hitting a tree over her crush 😭😭

    1. Poor Yasha! She’s usually very confident but even after all this time can be a bit clumsy around Nia XD

  4. I love all their dynamics! That villain looks like she means business, gaslight, girlboss manipulation type. And invisibility!? I know Yasha gots this somehow 🙌

    1. I’m glad you think so!! I wanted to do some quick dysfunctional interaction between these dorks cause we’re about to get into some heavy action!

  5. “What rhymes with Scary?” I didn’t expect that 🤣

    1. She’s harley quinn + an invisible ice cream demon! XD

  6. Sin has me 💀

    1. He’s an abomination. But he’s OUR abomination.

  7. I really worried for their fate. lolo is such a sweet child and deserves happiness

  8. 10 years learning sign language LOL. Holy sh*t that demon is creepy.

    1. He’s a slacker XD. Oh yeah, she’s super creepy!

  9. Aw the sister bonding 😢So Henry gave them the map to save his own ass? Pfft he deserves what’s coming to him. =

  10. EVERYONE RUN 🏃‍♀️

  11. Even though I kind of didn’t like her at first I sympathize with Yasha and I’m seeing where she’s coming from with her actions. She cares about them all in her own way.

  12. really cool page !!!!!

  13. The way you copy some panels gives a very animated effect. It’s very fun to read!!

    1. Thank you that’s so cool to hear I’m really obsessed with animation and really webcomics is a way to tame my desire until I can actually animate all my stories :D.

      And also fun fact, I was def someone that disparaged copy/pasting, but now after working webcomics and seeing first hand how long they take to make even with all the shortcuts and techniques I use, I will never go back or feel bad for it. Trust me it still takes a very long time haha! (the pain) 😭

  14. oof! looks like she has some history with her parents. i wouldn’t like people prying either

    1. Def not a fan of whoever dropped her off on the island!

      big agree, don’t blame her. I don’t like pushiness either Haha

  15. The development is great. Not to mention funny and meloncholy :).

  16. The power of a lesbian crush pfft

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