Published On: December 25, 2023

11 thoughts on “Episode 4-7

  1. The girls are fighting 👀

    1. They are, they are! hehe 😀

  2. Go Yasha go! Little Sin climbing the monster is nervewracking, don’t die please 😌

    1. Wooh! She can do it :D. Oh yeah I’m worried about Sin too and I know what happens haha

  3. I’m getting Kill la Kill vibes

    1. I love Kill la Kill haha, I think Yasha is an unconscious mix of Ryuko, a friend I know, multiple anime tsunderes, and Fred Flinstone lmaoo.

  4. This pirate eye patch woman really came out of nowhere to be a menace 🤣

  5. WHAT. Another page!? So soon? Merry Christmas to all. ☺️ This is getting intense. Yasha gots some good moves but her opponent can keep it it seems. I hope Sin’s dad isn’t dead!!!!

  6. ☆STAR▪︎CAT☆


  7. Things got real real fast!

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