Published On: November 13, 2022

30 thoughts on “Episode 2-8

  1. [12/22]: Hey yall! Happy Holidays, next page coming real soon. January will be quite a prolific push/focus of pages for me on this site :D. Look forward to that! See ya sooN!


    Wanted this to be the last page of the episode but it’s the penultimate!

    Next episode we have Yasha/Lalo’s birthday and the stories inciting incident can’t wait :D. Thanks for reading! See you soon!

  2. Hennry such a basic name idk why that got me weak 😭😭

  3. I like Yasha

    1. Glad to hear 😀 . We’ll get plenty of her in this I promise haha

  4. yesss everyones ok. shes super strong??? that wares must be super heavy or henry is very weak lol. her younger not little brother has a bit of an ego >:)

    1. Yeah she can absorb any kind of energy! She can also output it so she’s as strong as she is plus the energy she absorbs :D. Sin definitely is a gremlin who may or may not have good intentions haha! I can’t wait to show yall all the sides of them I like to slow burn characters true personalities 🙂

  5. new reader here~~ can’t wait to be part of this. this is so silly and interesting. what is that purple thing is that disappeared?

    1. YAY thanks for reading :D. I hope you enjoy it ! We will see soon actually, it’s..probably not anything good!

  6. What’s in the box?

  7. 😭 The chaos on the page

    1. Trust me. The chaos has only just begun 🙂

  8. ⭐️Treck⭐️

    CUTE ❤️

  9. Her face was like gurl you think i really care bye 💅

  10. wtf is his problem…more importantly wtf is his hair LOL

  11. Green hair is funny but annoying 🙄🤡

    1. Perfect description lol

  12. yasa’s still a bae!!!!

  13. i feel bad at first i thought she was kind of mean in a tsundere way but she seems like Yasha’s nice and cares <3

    1. She definitely cares about everyone :D. She just has a bit of a temper and trouble letting anyone help her!

  14. what is that floating snake creature in multiple panels?

    1. Good question! We shall see soon 🙂

  15. Like a good saturday morning cartoon. MOAR please >:F

    1. Thanks!! I was going for that 🙂 I mean it’ll get a wee bit more darker and story driven than you’re average SAT cartoon but yeah lots of SOL and goofy stuff too lol


    1. That response from Yasha was pretty tame, she’s in a good mood since the danger was resolved so Sin got off easy XD

  17. Sin’s really damn funny ahaha

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