Published On: June 5, 2022

22 thoughts on “Episode 2-3

  1. Update: Hey guys! We’ll be back on 6/26 , Sunday night :D. See ya then I’ll update the date accordingly soon on the actual comic

  2. This scene was both a little ominous and hilarious, what more can you ask for? >:D

    1. I’m glad you think so 🙂 . I hope you like the next page it’ll be more of that haha

  3. I think Yasha has some sort of trauma or anger issues, or maybe some sort of 6th sense for danger? Anyway I’m glad it was just Sin with his ‘kitty’ 😆

    1. Sin loves his new kitty lol! Oo I’m happy you brought that up definitely learn more about Yasha and why she’s that way I’m glad you say so :D. What I can say rn her mood is a mix of her being grumpy from all the shenanigans today, plus the lack of usual sleep she gets, aaand her instincts telling her something really weird is going on 🙂

  4. ⭐️Treckkk ⭐️

    Their faces LOOOL. Yasha has to deal with a lot…I know it’s a serious situation but I like how relieved they are after seeing a freaking TIGER.

    1. She sure does. Lmao I’m experimenting with these crazy anime faces I’m glad you like them more to come xD

  5. I think that sound wasn’t Sin…

    1. Oo we’ll see soon 😀

  6. Yasha is so fucking hot. LMFAO. “Call me Daddy”

    1. She loves everyone in the village, but at the same time she is the pioneer of snark when she wants to be XD

  7. OOF, he’s going to feel Yasha’s punches. At least it wasn’t something serious like she thought. Her sister’s so precious 😭

    1. Oo yeah Sin MESSED UP hahaha. Aw glad you like Lalo 😀

  8. LOL! I was nervous but now I’m laughing my ass off 😭😭😭

    1. Haha the relief hits hard !


    1. Sin’s failed Yasha…for the LAST time! xD

  10. That was hilarious


  12. ✨DragonWolf07🌙

    I’m dying omg

  13. Yasha is so fierce in a good way 😂. Oh Sin, you lovable attention ho

  14. This series is pretty refreshing. I like how it’s a mix of mystery and slice of life, I love the characters!

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