Published On: June 27, 2022

38 thoughts on “Episode 2-4

  1. Update [7/18]: Hey guys! Back on track we’ll have the next page out ASAP. Got real busy unexpectedly thanks for the comments and patience 😀

  2. These guys are just super silly, I didn’t expect him to be so offended 😂

    1. Haha definitely! Yasha and Sin both grown up being expected to be the “protectors” of this island…and this has shaped them in…unique ways. BATTLE CRY 🤣

  3. Now what’s that sound?

    1. We’ll find out very soon 😀

  4. SAD JUST SAD. Okay wut in the world is that noise theN???

    1. LOL Yasha is a very honest person, especially to her strange ‘little brother’ XD

  5. They are rutheless to each other heh

    1. Hahaha, believe it or not they can play nice, but yeah they are at each other’s throats today XD. I can say there is a wholesome moment coming up soon (relatively wholesome xD)

  6. They’re all just jealous of Sin’s pipes

    1. Has the be the case hahaha!

  7. Yasha’s anger is so funny I guess this must happen a lot 😂😂. Hopefully that sound isn’t something dangerous I like these islanders

    1. Glad you got a kick out of it, she’s definitely not amused XD. Ah glad you brought that up about it happening a lot ! Next episode is actually a quick flashback, Sin actually used to be MUCH worse..probably a borderline psychotic little brother to her LOL. And before her sister came Yasha was very stoic and aloof, at some point something happened and this is their current dynamic,rival sibling sort of thing lol

  8. I think Yasha just cares a lot about the villagers and their safety. But I’m laughing hard at her Simon Cowell impersonation there ha!

    1. Oh yeah you nailed it! She def has a legendary temper at times but she only unleashes it on those she believes deserve it XD. It’ll be a fun whiplash to show yall her being sorta nice to Sin soon, they both mean well lmao.

  9. ✨DragonWolf07🌙

    Damn Do not make her angry. She has super power too so he’s lucky

    1. She pretty much has never let anyone mess with her lol, even when Sin was younger/wilder he was mostly messing with anyone but her XD

  10. Oooooo that can’t be good 😳

  11. Yasha scares me sometimes

    1. Haha, she’s fiery at times 😀

  12. I like how they aren’t concerned about the tiger at all. Sure they have super powers but still, it’s funny lol ^^

    1. It’s all so normal to them hahaha. They’re used to most of Sin’s tames, it’s when he aims for bigger stuff when they are skeptical to whether his power can keep the animal tamed for long XD

  13. Sin’s power makes me jealous. Now I’m half expecting something poppin out of nowhere at this point WTF is that noise?

    1. It’s such a cool power! Nice name btw 😀

  14. LMAO goofballs

    1. They are the goofiest hahaha

  15. Sin is hella stupid ☠

    1. He is definitely something XD

  16. Still updating this author? Just asking :3

    1. Hello! I know you posted this a few days from when I’m replying but yeah! My fault got really busy next page out soon

  17. I want a music video of this guy

    1. LOL you might regret that xD

  18. I hate loud noises im with her!

  19. theory..the sound is something anti climactic..or it’s that thing we saw on the last page.

  20. 🙀🙀 COOL is this a webtoon?

    1. Thanks!! It used to be on webtoons but I decided to remaster the art and story a bit! It’ll be back on webtoons one day, probably when I finish a “Season’s” worth of the story. I want to be able to know what it’s like to upload weekly consistently on a platform with no worry of buffer XD


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