Published On: May 13, 2022

31 thoughts on “Episode 2-2

  1. Update: Hey guys, good news is the page is very nearly done. But I gotta deal with some stuff that happened today just gonna be spending a lot of time with people. So we may get delayed a day or two whenever I’m in a better headspace. Thanks 🙂

  2. Aw that’s so cute, Yasha’s like 😅🤔 but cares for her sister enough to entertain it. That last panel is pretty strange, I wonder who [or what] that is???

    1. I’m so hyped you nailed it haha, ‘entertaining’ is a great way to put it! As to the last panel we shall see soon 🙂

  3. wtf is that ?

    1. Definitely an interesting looking…person 😀

  4. This has been giving me vibes of an anime I can’t remember at the moment. It’s very goodI hope nothing bad happens to these two

    1. Thanks!! Indeed, these two deserve to be happy, but I can say this won’t be a sticom lol

  5. SO cute . Look out last panelll 😭😭 something bad is going to happen

    1. I’m glad yall like their relationship 🙂

  6. Wild challenger appears zoinks

    1. Who knows they might be nice 😀

  7. Aww I like their sister relationship.

    1. Glad to hear! They’ve been together and without their actual parents all their life so they’re very close 🙂

  8. They just wanna vibe :(. That eye is CREEPY.

    1. They just wanna enjoy life mane T_T

  9. awe a sister more like mother energy she wants to protect everyone

    1. She’s a good person !

  10. ⭐️Treck⭐️

    ❤️ ❤️ cute. WHO is that on the last page? Looks like some kind of purple monkey girl

    1. Purple monkey girl is a good description lol, we’ll see immediately next page 😀

  11. I always feeeel like somebody’s watchin’ me 🎶🎶

  12. That tiger is fukkin loose 😨😨

  13. I’m hoping this conversation leads to something good in the future not sad! I like these characters a lot

  14. The cuteness and The suspense from every episode is glorious.

  15. Don’t tell me something’s coming to hurt these girlies 😭😭

  16. Woah that little girl has hopes and dreams

  17. Hope you feel better. <3 I just binged this it's really cute and looks like it's building towards something

    1. Thank you so much!! I feel better now. And thank you for binging I hope you enjoy it I have lots planned for this comic 😀

  18. Thanks for the update. I can’t wait for the page

  19. 탱크블레이드

    OH SHIT! that face caught me off guard hahahaha. But what was that person (?) on the last page?

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