Published On: July 6, 2023

25 thoughts on “Episode 3-8


    1. RIP shady sea salesman 😭

  2. omg…h-he’s going to be alright, right? 😨 aww, yasha’s crush on pink pig tails is so cute

    1. ever since that day in the flashback she’s had a crush on her 😀

  3. terrifying

  4. I love the girls back and forth banter and crap talking about the uncle rofl

    1. they’re so comfortable with each other haha!

  5. okay but the way he was still trying to sell something before he died–🤣🤣

  6. Yasha is truly about to figure out what peace really means. That floating lady is GIGANTIC, and looks like she means business. It’s very interesting how Yasha sort of has a intuitive grasp that something is a WRONG. Is that part of her power?

    1. oh yeah she looks very intimidating as she does colorful haha!

      fun fact this part of the story coming is actually gonna be an abbreviated and slightly different redo from a longer version!

      I can say Yasha will have some big ups and some big downs coming! Luckily she’s the pluckiest island girl around so let’s see it pans out 😀

  7. damn yasha’s hot.

  8. this is getting soo good! i like the whiplash between the scenes. their friendship is so adorable, she’s so embarrassed about hitting the tree heehee

  9. i wanna live on this island it so chill…….besides the purple ghost things

    1. They’ve really carved out a nice little place here!

      also fun fact without spoiling, I can say there’s organizations and entities that make a lot of this world hard to live in, so that makes this tropical community all the more special haha

  10. 🍄shroomies🍄

    this is like the kind of convo’s i have with my friend 🥰

    1. haha glad to hear! i def put a lot of either my own convos or convos i listen to into my characters 🙂

  11. DID SHE K*** HIM!??? Yasha being a girl that doesn’t want to go on any adventure and wants peace is so unique and relatable tbh

    1. I’m glad you think so!!

      I can say there’s gonna be more to her desires there but yeah, she just wants to vibe haha! I don’t blame her either the island is pretty awesome

      though she does like helping people with problems and has a strong sense of justice. who knows how she’d feel if she broadened her horizons and saw the rest of the world 😀

  12. This has been so fun to read. I like the designs. Is this a webtoon :0

    1. Thank you so much for reading! And thanks I love designing them haha.

      And no it’s actually not but it will be on there soon, for the last about year I’ve been kind of getting ready to get it on webtoon and other sites but still a few things I want to tidy up before hand, so I keep pushing it back (not really in a rush tbh xD).

      But this along with other comics I do will be on there and a few other sites, hopefully before the end of the year!

      Hope you stick around! Updates a little slow right now stresses and demands in other areas of life, but just recently I’ve devised a system that’s gotten me much faster at pages. Expect about 36 is panels per update every 4-7 days or so to be the norm one day soon!

  13. ❄️ lce Bear ❄️


  14. Alex Le The Sovember Killer

    A ripped disheveled bearded man told me after shift that this was where the good stuff was at. And all I find is a comic made by that “Sovember” guy. But I can’t lie this stuff is fucking smacking harder than Henry’s death scene.

    Respond to my TEXT

    1. 😭😭😭 Alexxx…now I’m nervous lmao. Welcome to the goods ;D


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