Published On: January 10, 2023

21 thoughts on “Episode 2-8

  1. Ominous, ominous!

    Thanks for reading. See ya soon!

  2. This Henry guy seems suspect, but WHO is that in the last panels??? Super menacing

    1. Henry’s an interesting sea salemsan for sure XD. We’ll see soon who that is :O

  3. 🎵let it die let it die let it shrivel up and die🎵

  4. Im scared for them

    1. Me too and I know what happens lol

  5. They hate eachother omg it’s funny though ToT

    1. Haha, Yasha and Sin have a messed up sibling relationship for sure xD. They both have softer (and harsher lol) sides to them we’ll see but I never want to hide the fact that they are both…colorful characters lmao.

  6. i lost it when he said it’s a piece of crap

  7. 😭 😭 😭

  8. Yasha and Sin fight like me and my brother. Aww I don’t now why but I like how Lalo is reacting to henry’s stuff <3

    1. They are rutheless to each other xD. Lalo is a very curious kid, I liked her reactions too 😀

  9. This is getting interesting. I like how Yasha doesn’t shy away from calling people out on stuff, and Sin’s ego is really amusing if worrying. I know a guy or two like him. They crowd looks mystified by Henry’s wares, but now someone (evil?) is at the scene a-and they can….fly?

    1. I’m glad you think so!! Some cool character moments for Yasha as well as an incident at a birthday party is what I can say is coming next 😀 . You’re very spot on, the tribe doesn’t really see too many outsiders. Not too many people have routes through these parts of the sea (although a few generations back they used to be nomadic) . Can’t wait to show y’all what’s going on with the flying person!

  10. These island people are wild loool

    1. I love ’em all they’re goofs, we’ll see even more of their dynamic next episode 😀

  11. Yasha is like me, I can’t stand people’s nonsense 😭. I will tell you to shut up, yea idc that you are the manager sir 😂😂

    1. Yasha is always done with Sin’s nonsense xD. I’m glad you can relate with her haha!

      I like her a lot, I think you guys will enjoy her journey :).

      For me personally I’m really laid back, usually worst case I’ll just dip or shrug if I’m provoked. but rare occasion someone goes too far, i’ll call out someone if it’s like a place where I’m forced to see them over and over LOL. Like work or such (not as much of a prob for me now luckily I’m remote). But yeah, I do respect Yasha’s boldness, she is truly not afraid of anyone. Like literally, she’d chew out a demigod XD

  12. What the hell is that at the end 👀

    1. We shall seen soon, I’m so hyped to show yall 😀

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